...As DMT, we are creating music using Universal energy, frequency, and vibration to make the unconscious conscious and "Activate" the spirit within!

DMT is an American Visionary Metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2009, the group was founded by bassist and vocalist Alistar Valadez and his brother Dave Valadez on lead guitar. After a few lineup changes early in development, DMT found their equals with the addition of Chris Anguiano on lead vocals, Jason Engols also playing lead guitar and backing vocals. and Vinnie Rizzo on drums!

DMT is known to be a powerful supporting act to Nationals, and is regularly called upon to fill that role. Opening for such acts as Atilla, Korn, Fear Factory, In This Moment, Killswitch Engage, Otep, Static-X and many others, DMT can always be counted on to set the pace for a great concert. 

DMT's concept and message is unique and reflected in their artwork and merchandise. Working with various renowned visionary artists from around the world such as Hakan Hisim, Tony Koehl, Salvia Droid, and Manny Amaya. DMT is expanding the boundaries and has created a full spectrum of visionary designs not typical to artists in their genre.

DMT released their debut EP "A Shift of Ages" in December of 2011, following the premier of their CGI video "Beneath the Surface". Due to the immediate success of their first video, Director Lord Zane collaborated with DMT on their next two videos "American Evolution" and "We Bring The Change", capturing the intensity of their live performance.

​After a lead vocal lineup change in 2017 DMT released a new single "Activate (Featuring Tina Guo on Cello)" and made a fourth video for the single with Lord Zane Productions. In 2018 DMT release their single and lyric video for "The Sheep, The Shepherd, and the Wolf" by David Letelier.

DMT is currently in the recording studio finishing the new EP due to be released soon!